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Frequently asked questions

  • What is HolyoCard?
    HolyoCard is a universal voucher that can be easily redeemed online for more than 50 popular games and entertainment vouchers. Whether it is a gift or bought for yourself, Holyo has something for everyone.
  • Where can I buy HolyoCard?
    HolyoCard can be purchased in selected retailers including Carrefour (RO), Selfpay (RO), Kaseria (RO), PayPoint (RO), Alza (CZ) and DM (CZ). We are in the process of making HolyoCard available in more retailers and more countries.
  • How to redeem HolyoCard for my desired voucher?
    HolyoCards must be redeemed at After the value of the HolyoCard has been credited to your Holyo Wallet, you can choose from more than 50 popular games and entertainment vouchers 1. Go to 2. Enter the 16-digit code from your HolyoCard 3. Click "Redeem" and the value of your HolyoCard is being added to your wallet 4. Select your desired voucher 5. Go through the checkout process 6. Find your desired voucher under "MyCodes" or click the link in the email we sent you
  • Where can I see the full list of brands and products available?
    To see the full list of available brands and products, go to our shop ( Please note that the brands and products offered may change at any given time.
  • Why have I received the message that the code for my HolyoCard is invalid or has expired?
    Most of the times, this error message is generated because the code was not inserted correctly. Please make sure you correctly capitalize. If the problem persists, please send an email to and provide us with the serial number of your HolyoCard. The serial number is a 6-digit code starting with H.
  • How can I contact Holyo?
    Please send an email to We'll answer usually within a few hours. On weekends it may take a bit longer.
  • What is Holyo Wallet?
    When you redeem your HolyoCard, its value is credited to Holyo Wallet. You can use the balance in your wallet towards the purchase of any voucher in our shop.
  • The balance in my wallet is not enough to buy my desired product
    If the price of your desired voucher exceeds the balance in your Holyo Wallet, you can either top up with a new HolyoCard or pay the difference during the checkout process.
  • Can I withdraw the balance of my Holyo Wallet?
    No, it is not possible to withdraw your balance from your Holyo Wallet.
  • How long is the HolyoCard valid?
    HolyoCards can be redeemed up to 24 months after their purchase.
  • How long are the vouchers of the selected partners valid?
    The validity period of the vouchers of our partners may be different. For details, please read the terms and conditions of each voucher.
  • Can I redeem the HolyoCard for more than one product?
    You can buy any voucher offered as long as you have sufficient balance in your Holyo Wallet. If you do not use your full balance for a purchase, the remaining balance stays in your Holyo Wallet.
  • Will my personal data be protected?
    Of course, your data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. For details please read our privacy policy.
  • Help with Roblox
    coming soon - in the meantime please contact
  • Help with Xbox
    coming soon - in the meantime please contact
  • Help with Steam
    coming soon - in the meantime please contact
  • Help with Fortnite
    coming soon - in the meantime please contact
  • Help with Google Play
    coming soon - in the meantime please contact
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