We enable the instant digital economy at a fair price. In Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Gaming and digital entertainment is one of the fastest growing industries globally. Holyo's ecosystem helps enthusiasts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to purchase digital goods at unprecedented speed, convenience and a customer experience based on relationships.
Our mission is to become an essential gateway for consumers to pursue their hobby or even build a gaming career. And for digital content providers to monetize their digital content in fast growing emerging markets.

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Five strong pillars of the Holyo ecosystem

The five Holyo product pillars are matching the customer journey of providing, buying and managing digital goods. Each step of the journey, whether it's for gamers or for B2B, is managed by a proprietary software of Holyo.

From Holyo Wallet via Holyo's patented anti fraud software - we cover gamers' and our clients' backs with thoughtful and innovative solutions.


Proprietary eCommerce, building a long-term relationship with digital entertainment enthusiasts

Holyo Anti Fraud

Patented authentication solution

Holyo Apps

on iOS and Android (limited regions)

Holyo for the Enterprise

B2B services EU and MEA

Holy Sh**

Our innovation platform for AI, UX, payments in the gaming and e-sports industry

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User Satisfaction

all in one proprietary platform

Jens Garberding
Co-Founder, CMO
Niels Oeft
Co-Founder, CEO

Founders with expertise from Google, Xbox and others

The team at Holyo embraces digital entertainment and payment for more than 20 years. From cinema movies to Microsoft's Xbox Games to the bright cosmos of Google and Google Play's prepaid and payment business. The experience and the passion of the team is reflected by providing an excellent customer experience along the buying process and the development of new global business models.

The Holyo team has collected industry experiences at:

Universal Pictures

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Holyo's enablers and long-time investors

We do not intend to take on our mission without the help of our smart and supportive investors, the Holyo Board of Advisors and our agencies and global partners.

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